$ 20,500,000
Projects Raised
Autowhale is a startup from Austria, Europe that can give startups in the crypto-space the needed boost. With years of experience in the blockchain industry we have decided to tackle a vital challenge many projects face: access to a broad network of services, strategic decision making & transparent Market Making services.
Our services are composed of three parts: A transparent, fair priced Market Making solution, networking & consulting with our network of exchanges, wallets, news outlets, etc., and we offer custom trading solutions (e.g., when a client needs an automated connection to an exchange to perform certain algorithms or tasks). Apart form that we are developing a chain-analysis tool that can be integrated with our trading solution and enable clients to gain full control over their token or blockchain.
We also realised the need for market making solutions for SMEs in the crypto-space since pricing was often too high or other factors that hindered those companies to participate in services like that. This is why we specifically target smaller companies and aim to grow together with them. With partners we can though also offer viable solutions for bigger companies.
What sets us apart from others are two very important points: 
    First, transparency. We provide our clients with access to our Autowhale Terminal where they can monitor all activities of their products in real-time and where more features are added as we speak, while competitors only send out Excel sheets every month (if even that).
    Second, pricing. We realised the need for fair pricing — while others charge 10/20k+ $ per month for market making solutions, we are offering highly competitive prices way below competitors.
We welcome both clients who are still in the very beginning but we believe we can also add value to already existing businesses and help accelerateing their business.
Planning an ICO? We can help with a wide range of support for all stages of your ICO